Sample Indian diet plan for lactating/nursing mothers

We all embrace new motherhood with lot of love and tenderness. This Indian diet plan for lactating mothers will help you in your journey.  “Now you need to eat for two!”, we have often heard this statement in Indian Households after a woman gives birth. Well, a lactating mother does need to eat both for herself and her baby. This Indian diet plan for lactating mothers will help you clear the air. Needless to say that a mother’s body is really weak after delivery; she also needs to get extra nutrition to be able to deliver nutrients to her little one. An infant is completely dependent on the mother for all his/her needs, be it food, hygiene, sleep or attachment. The child gets all the nutrition from the mother’s milk unless the mother isn’t able to secrete milk due to a problem. The child eats whatever goes in his mummy’s tummy! Often, the child is even able to taste the food in the mother’s milk. It is true that a lactating mother needs to eat for two people as long as she’s going to be feeding the baby. The mother must get sufficient nutrition else the baby will derive nutrients from the mother’s body and she may suffer from nutritional deficiencies and many other problems.

Our Indian diet plan for lactating mothers will give you an insight on the right food choices you need to make.

Foods to include in Indian diet plan for lactating mothers- 

  • Proteins- The baby is in the growing stage and needs lots of proteins. Mothers must eat lots of proteins for 2 reasons . one to meet the growing baby’s requirement and for self bean, chicken, grilled fish and egg whites  can be included in less spicy and grilled form after 15 days of delivery . Mothers can also get proteins by drinking a glass of milk with a spoon of protein powder recommended by the gynecologist.Take  Milk 2 times a day.

  • Liquids –A lactating mother should drink ample liquids since it helps in milk production. Less intake can lead to dehydration and decreased supply of milk. Water and coconut water. Vegetable based soups made out of spinach , bottle gourd , beetroot and carrots are super beneficial. Ragi kanji,  buttermilk (after 1 month of delivery ) and milk etc are good options. Drinking a liquid half an hour prior to feeding is most beneficial.

  • Whole grains –Eat lots of whole grains and whole grain foods since these are highly nutritious and easily digestible.  whole wheat flour , Oats and  broken wheat daliya.  Brown rice , quinoa, ragi , Museli  etc.

  • Vitamins –Vegetables and Green leafy foods to include in lactating mothers diet: Spinach, dill  and fenugreek. You can include Pumpkins , bottle gourds , ridge gourds, Parval (pointed gourds ) and tinda . Carrots and beetroots are specially very good for the lactating mom and the growing baby.

  • Herbal teas or Herbal Infusions  – One can drink herbal teas prepared with ingredients that are safe to take while breast feeding. The biggest advantage of drinking herbal tea is that it doesn’t contain caffeine. you can buy ready herbal mix or make your own at home .

  • Iron and Calcium –Non vegetarian mom  can include liver and organ meat of  chicken and duck. meats like pork , lamb and beef. Sea foods like oysters, sardines, mussels and shell fish . Vegetarian moms can include dry beans , black eyed peas  and green peas. cabbage, broccoli, kale and turnip greens.Foods cooked in iron vessels with tomatoes will also provide some iron.