8 surprising truths about sex after baby

Sex after childbirth is nothing like sex before childbirth. Sex before childbirth is not only fun, but it has a distinct purpose once parents-to-be start trying to conceive. Even sex during pregnancy is pretty easy for most expecting parents. Once the baby arrives, things change dramatically. Not only are parents fighting sleep deprivation, they also face a necessary waiting period for moms to heal up from the process of birth. And there are physical changes as well. Here are somme interesting facts about sex after delivering a baby: 1. After Birth, Your Wife Might Lactate During Sex: Regardless of whether a woman is breastfeeding or not, in typical circumstances, her post-pregnancy breasts are doing what breast are designed to do: produce milk. Importantly, this milk is not produced on demand. Lactation happens at inopportune moments, including sex. 2. Everyone Will Feel Nervous About Sex After Birth: The first intercourse after childbirth can be filled with worry. Will it hurt? Will it feel different? Will we fall asleep in the middle of getting it on? And those worries aren’t limited to women. They can be shared equally.  Some women, on the other hand, may have experienced vaginal tearing or other related trauma. That may make them hesitant about pain. And beyond pain, there may be new concerns about the way their bodies look after birth. 3. Having Sex After Birth May Require Lubrication: Vaginal dryness is an issue that can affect sex after childbirth regardless of whether a mother has had a vaginal birth or a caesarean. That’s because dryness is linked to postnatal hormonal shifts. Some women can become self-conscious about the dryness. But, dryness doesn’t indicate any sort of lack of desire. It’s just part of the natural hormonal shifts after pregnancy. 4. Sex After Childbirth Feels Different for Everyone: When a woman grows a human inside her and then pushes that human into the world, things in her body will inevitably be shifted. Some of those shifts may change the way sex feels for both partners. In most circumstances, there may be very little difference between pre-baby and post-baby sex. Some women may become more orgasmic, while some partners may need to find new positions because the old ones are less effective or comfortable. 5. Sex Might Be Painful at First: You may face some pain or discomfort the first you will have sex after your delivery. This is totally normal, and nothing you should lose your head over (unless the pain persists, in which case talk to your gynaecologist). 6. You Might Cry (from emotion): Everything that goes up must come down, and that includes your hormones! You're a mom now and that's a big, beautiful deal and the enormity of that may hit you right when you're with your beloved. You may get those happy tears while having sex the first time after giving birth to your baby. 7. The Baby Will Cry: Babies have a finely tuned sex meter and will vociferously protest that you are having fun without them. This will actually continue long past the infant stage. Feel free to ignore them. 8. You Will Feel Overjoyed to be Something That's Not a "Mom" For a Minute: Having sex, or just feeling sexy, can be a real relief! You get to feel like yourself again and reconnect with your partner in such a familiar way. Plus, you get to see how much he still adores you and is attracted to you. Content source Featured image source