5 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week-by-Week

What to do when you're 5 weeks pregnant? We'll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 5.

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Your Baby in Week 5

On a growth spree!

Your baby is on a growth spree now though you may or may not have any pregnancy symptoms. Your little one's heart - no bigger than a poppy seed - begins to beat at this stage. The embryo still looks more like a tadpole and less like a human right now. But the major developments are already in progress. Your baby's kidneys and heart have begun to develop. The neural tube, which connects the brain and spinal cord, closes at this stage of development.

Week 5 Symptoms

Cravings & aversions

Are you hating the sight of your favourite food now? Do you feel like eating a specific dish, for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Don't worry. Cravings and aversions to food and smell are quite common in pregnancy. Listen to your body's demands and eat whatever you feel like, but not so much junk food though.


Do you wake up every morning with a drool fest all over your face? Don't worry about this too much as it generally stops with the first trimester. For the day time, you can keep some mints handy.


Drink at least eight glasses of water every day and focus on foods rich in fibre. It is going to make you feel much better and a lot less tired.

Nausea and vomiting

Good news - this is the healthiest sign of pregnancy in initial weeks. Have anything that your stomach can handle - whole-wheat crackers, cheese, curd, cereals etc. Focus on small meals that will give you essential carbs and proteins.

Your Body in Week 5

5 Weeks Pregnant Indian woman

Welcome, pregnancy symptoms!

So, have you peed on a stick yet? At 5 weeks of pregnancy, the hCG hormone levels in your urine is high enough to be detected by the home pregnancy test. This means that you will be able to confirm your pregnancy this week. Do check the expiry date of the kit before trying. Factors such as exposure to sunlight could impact the credibility of the test kit.

Symptoms kicking in

This is the time you may start to feel common symptoms such as nausea and fatigue. You may notice your breasts have become a bit sore and you are visiting the loo often to urinate. All these are common pregnancy symptoms and you will take a while to get used to them.

Warning signs

This is also the time to watch out for any warnings signs such as excessive bleeding or severe pain in lower abdomen. By now you would mostly have identified a gynaecologist. Keep track of these symptoms so that you can discuss with your doctor in the next visit. Stay healthy It's important to focus on a healthy and well balanced diet in the initial weeks of pregnancy so that your baby gets all essential nutrients. Try and have small, regular meals and avoid food items that make you sick. Remember to follow doctor's instructions clearly about other vitamins."

Recipe Corner

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Fitness Corner

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