41 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week-by-Week

What to do when you're 41 weeks pregnant? We'll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 41.

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Your Baby in Week 41

Baby can't wait to get out!

This is the moment your baby and you have been waiting for! At 41 weeks pregnant, you are at the official end of your pregnancy. You are still providing the antibodies he will need to fight off infections for the first six months of his life, but if you plan on breastfeeding your milk will give him more antibodies to boost his immune system (especially colostrum, a thin, yellowish precursor to breast milk that is super rich in antibodies and feeds your baby for the first few days postpartum).

Week 41 Symptoms

41 Weeks Pregnant Indian Woman

Sleepless nights

We understand that sleep is almost like a distant dream now. Hang in there, it is the 41st week.

Leg cramps

Now that you're in 41st week, it is no wonder that you have severe leg cramps. Your body is carrying all that weight, day and night. Take rest and relax your legs as much as you can.

Braxton Hicks contractions

Braxton-Hicks Contractions are like a tightening sensation happening in your uterus. These contractions are practice sessions in order to get your uterus in form to give birth. Do note the frequency and get to the doctor immediately, now that you are 41 weeks.

Sleepless nights

We understand that sleep is almost like a distant dream now. Hang in there, it is the 40th week.


Wow! From all that constipation, now you have moved onto diarrhea? Loose bowel movements are a definite sign on labour. Up on your feet, right away!

Lesser fetal activity

Are you feeling about 10 movements in couple of hours or less? Remember the baby is grown now and must not be finding enough space to move around.

Cervical dilation

Do you feel your cervix has started opening? It is mostly bound to happen this week, if not already. You could start the countdown to delivery from now.

Your Body in Week 41

Is it time? Is it not?

When will your body know it is time to deliver this baby? About 30 percent of all pregnancies last longer than 40 weeks and it's anyone's guess when your's might end (though your practitioner will probably not let it go longer than 42 weeks, thankfully).

Recipe Corner

Check out this awesome Mixed Sprouts Poha recipe for when you're 41 weeks pregnant!

Fitness Corner

Looking for a fitness guide at 41 weeks pregnant? Check out this Workout video by Lauren Griffith.

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