37 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week-by-Week

What to do when you're 37 weeks pregnant? We'll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 37.

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Your Baby in Week 37

Slow and steady weight gain continues

During the next few weeks, your baby will just be putting on a little more weight but not drastically as much as he did in the past few weeks leading up to this one. In week 36, you baby still weighs in at a little over two kilograms and measures up to about 19 inches and a half. Your baby has probably already settled into an upside down position, getting ready to come out into the real world. As the bones in your baby’s skull have not fused yet, it makes it easier for him to move his head in the birth canal. If you were to give birth to your baby right now, rest assured that his immune system is developed enough to fight off infections all on his own. Blood circulation has also reached perfection by this point of time. However, his digestive system, which although has almost fully matured will take a few more days to be completely and fully developed. If there is one thing that has not changed from the previous week and will continue to be the same are your baby’s movements. Your restless little baby will continue to move about like it is nobody’s business. As your baby’s growing body is capable of functioning on its own now, the placenta takes a step back and produces fewer hormones. Your baby has become quite the stud already! Also, your baby is getting extremely close to being able to breathe on his own. Lanugo, the thin hair that has been covering his body will start to disappear along with vernix caseosa, the waxy like substance covering your baby’s skin and they blend with the amniotic fluid. Along with bile and mucus, your baby will be swallowing the amniotic fluid and its contents. These things will eventually make your baby’s first poop once he's out.

Week 37 Symptoms

37 Weeks Pregnant Indian Woman

Vaginal discharge

Are you spotting blood along with normal white discharge? Don't you worry, your cervix is dilating or opening up.

Leg cramps

Now that you are in 37th week, it is no wonder that you have severe leg cramps. Your body is carrying all that weight, day and night. Take rest and relax your legs as much as you can. We hope your calcium levels are okay.

Heartburn or indigestion

You may find them unbearable at this stage. Apart from small regular meals, drink lots of water and get out for a walk after meals.

Varicose veins

Are you sleeping on your left side now? That’s the best position for maximum blood circulation. Also, try keeping a soft pillow for better support for your legs.

Changes in fetal activity

The baby now has less room to move around. Also, the baby almost has a sleep pattern as well now. Thanks to all these, you may feel the fetal activity is less. Do keep a close watch now.

Pelvic pain

Note that your baby's head is now putting pressure on your pelvis, thus causing all the pelvic pain. If it is too painful, do see the doctor.

Sleepless nights

We understand that sleep is almost like a distant dream now. Hang in there, it is just few more days!

Your Body in Week 37

The waiting game begins!

Congratulations, your baby can be with you anytime now. Yes! You are considered ""full term"" now. But do not be too stressed or overwhelmed by this, sometimes it takes few more weeks for the big moment to happen. Why don't you engage yourself in other activities now? You may want to get your room cleaned or baby-proofed. It makes sense to have the baby's stuff at arm's length. So empty those bed side drawers and make space. Get a night lamp, you may be up in the night multiple times to feed the baby. You can read up on post-delivery confinement practices and breastfeeding. While at this, why don't you work on a post-delivery meal plan and stock up essentials in the kitchen accordingly? Be aware of food items that are guaranteed to increase the production of breastmilk and include them in your meal plan. Also include food items that are good for your post-delivery recovery. Speak to elders in the family or friends who have gone through all these. Are you already on your maternity break? That leaves you with enough time to complete all these tasks in the house. You could spend time with your husband, family and friends and tell them what all is going through in your mind. They will be equally overwhelmed too, trust us.

Frequent contractions

Feeling any drastic changes in your body or feeling about the same past few weeks? Don't be surprised if you don’t find that your body is changing at all, as the last few weeks are pretty much the same. However, you maybe feeling contractions occurring quite often. Most women often confuse these with the Braxton Hicks contractions. You may be feeling a bit nauseous and experiencing an intense pain in your lower back.

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